Photo: Chemba'lira Hall Before and After.

Chem’balira Hall Grandmothers Center

Since returning to Blantyre, Gertrude has been on a mission to improve the education, social services and infrastructure in her hometown. In particular, the elderly citizens in her community have a wealth of knowledge and skills to pass along to younger generations, but lack the environment and support to do so.

To tap the wisdom of Blantyre’s senior residents, and to provide them with the support, services and opportunities they need to thrive, Gertrude is spearheading the community’s development of a new center for its elderly and retired citizens called The Chem’balira Hall. This center will serve as a meeting place for between 500-1000 residents of all ages, providing a meeting place for both the elderly and younger generations in the community.

The purpose of Gertrude’s visit to the United States was to visit neighborhood senior centers, grandparent support programs and other nonprofits to learn from their experience. Gertrude also participated in several planning meetings to further develop her concept for The Chem’balira Hall.